I don’t even know what I was doing to myself last night… listened to Suzuya’s Sweet Season’s track after a long time. Oh god I had the weirdest face on. I could NOT handle it. EIGJLKMAFIJOKLMWAFIJKLMWAFs HE JUST. i can’t. nope. can’t.

And then I listened to Ryuu’s hitsuji track which is actually really cute > 3 < ahhh.

BUT THEN SUZUYA WOKE ME UP AT LIKE 6:30 WITH HIS DAMN. “Time to get up! hmm… you’re not getting up… well then… I’ll kiss you… okay?” IOJAFSLKMRIOAJFSKLM AT 6:30 YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO DO THAT AT 10 LIKE I ASKED YOU TO. sobbing…

ahhh but it seems like a nice day so I may go for a walk~

how is everyone~?