". . .Yeah, m-my older sister - she's in the Guardian Corps."
"That-That's cool. What'd you say your. . .name was?"
"Me? S-Serah. What was - I mean, um, is yours?"
"It's - Snow, Snow Villiers. Ah, you probably didn't need my last name, sorry, ha. ."
"N-No! It's okay, mine's F-Farron, you know, so you. . .so you know, too."


SONG: Kakki's Worst Subject


Kakki talks about his worst subject in school

Kakki: I… That….chemical symbols? Ummm…Chemistry? Only that, i’m really, totally not good at it.

Everyone: Really..

Kakki: No matter what kind of tests, (I) got 0 marks for everything.

Everyone: *laughs* (lol Terashii your laughter hahaha)

Kakki: I don’t understand even a single thing. Even though i’ve tried very hard to remember chemical symbols, I forgot everything the next moment. That’s why I probably don’t even know what’s (the chemical symbol for) water.

Everyone: H2O!!!!

Kakki: OHHH H2O!! I’ve heard about it before!! -THAT kind of level!

Everyone: Ehhh~

Kakki: I really, don’t know.

Terashii/Waccha (don’t know who said it >_<): (How about) Ag? Ag??

Kakki: Ag?? Ah. What was it. Ah wrong…

Everyone: *uproar* what…wrong??!

Kakki: Ag… What is Ag?

Terashii (?): Silver!

Kakki: I didn’t know!!

P.S Terashii and Waccha are both weak in Mathematics, if you’d like to know too ^^ Former scoring 1mark for his papers and latter getting 0 (LOL)

Note: I’m sorry if the translations aren’t that good/accurate…I’m still learning Japanese so there are definitely mistakes somewhere. However, the main gist is definitely there! ^^;

LR Message by Kaji Yuuki


A few days before the game was released in Japan, the official “Lightning Returns” accounts on Twitter and Facebook uploaded short comments from the voice-actors.

Kaji Yuuki, the voice of Hope Estheim, left an especially intriguing message:


It’s hard to believe that nearly four years have already passed since the day I was allowed to participate in “Final Fantasy”, a series which I absolutely love. And I’m so happy that I was given the opportunity to spend such a long period with Hope Estheim. As I experienced his life throughout the games, I progressed with him. For this installment, I would really like everyone to discover, firsthand, the new sides of Hope that will be revealed. Thank you and please enjoy!

"For this installment, I would really like everyone to discover, firsthand, the new sides of Hope that will be revealed."

Kaji-san blatantly says that LR is going to reveal “new sides of Hope” and he asks the fans to discover them firsthand.

There are still many people that stubbornly believe that the Hope within the Ark is a complete fake. Nothing he said or did is canon to Hope’s character. The real Hope only appears in Lightning’s heart and after Bhunivelze’s defeat. But if this is true, there is nothing “new” to add to Hope. He would still be the same angelic and brilliant character that he has always been.

So what is Kaji Yuuki trying to tell us through his message..?

The Hope within the Ark is the REAL Hope. He is not a complete fake; he is just missing his emotions. And the fans can still learn new things about Hope’s character through the things he says and does in “Returns”. The sassy remarks, the overprotective commands, and the possible reflection of Hope’s emotions through Bhunivelze - these are all NEW traits that we can add to Hope Estheim! Kaji-san really wants us to discover them as we play through the game.


Zettai ni kudokaretewa ikenai Shitsuji 24ji

The second volume of the “Zettai ni kudokaretewa ikenai” series from EM2 record features a shitsuji/butler character! Toomine Kyouichi is your loyal butler with the looks of a prince and a mysterious aura. As with the previous volume, you get to “choose different routes” to listen to as in a VN/otome game. 

CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa
Date of release: 18 June 2014
Preorder: TBA


listen to your onii-san gou

yami-sajic asked: Younger Hope or Older Hope?

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ff meme: eight scenes → betrayal
and the people of dalmasca will hate you for it

mayflyuniverse asked: Once you get this you have to say 5 things about you publicly, and then send this to 10 of your favorite followers ˘ ³˘♥

i’m always so bad at these jieofmklsd;;; but I’ll try my best.

  1. At home, I have 2 dogs, 3 cats and a mouse
  2. I love to drink things with straws LOL even water
  3. I am obsessed with magic. Not like magic tricks but actual mage magic eijofsdlk
  4. I can wiggle my ears. Whenever I feel cold, I unconsciously wiggle them aha
  5. I love wearing dresses/dressing up. Even though it’s hard to pick shoes since I’m self conscious about my height but refuse to wear flats.

falls on the ground

I tried


cute habit?? probably

ARTIST: ThePianoGuys
SONG: Let It Go


I swear to God you won’t regret listening to this.