Interview with Yuuki Ono


This is the interview Ono Yuuki gave for Greek Otaku Radio. Please note that English in not my first language and I’m not very fluent so you may spot several mistakes. However feel free to send message me about that and I will be grateful to correct them.

This is actually wasn’t only the very first time Yuuki Ono was interviewed for the Greek audience but also the very first time a voice actor gave an interview for us. That’s a great success for Otaku Radio and also an honor for our growing community. As a fan, both of Ono Yuuki and the team who worked hard for us for this interview I’d like to ask you to encourage them in their youtube page if you have the time or leave a comment on their video even if you are not Greek, I believe that it will mean a lot to them.

View their video Here . (click)

Thank you for accepting Greek Otaku Radio’s invitation.
Mister Ono, how do you feel about it?

I feel fantastic since I get to talk to the Greek audience for a very first time, but I feel kind of nervous too.

Firstly, congratulations for your voice actor award.

Thank you very much.

Tell us how you feel about it.

Because Japan’s voice actor awards is a very important accolade in the world of voice actors, when I made my debut my father said “do your best” and I turned that into my goal, which was always on my mind. However, I wasn’t expecting that I’ll achieve that so early and get the “Best Supporting Actor Award” instead of someone of my senior actors this year. That’s a great support to me.

(He is referring to 7th Annual Seiyuu Awards. He was awarded along with Suwabe Junichi. You can find more comments by Ono about the awards here)

Since you started your career as a voice actor, is there a role that left a great impression in you?

Yes. It’s been seven years since my debut, among my first roles, there was the role of Kiryu Kyosuke from Yugioh 5D’s. He left a great impression in me. It wasn’t long after my debut and I was trusted with a character that had many different expressions and in each season the show his past, his present and his future. Kiryu helped me and provided me with a lasting memory. Even in terms of emotions, because I performed with great tension and hatred, I think that he is a really important character in my career as an actor.

How old were you when you started to take an interest in voice acting?

When I was twenty years old. I found out about this world after I entered university. Until then I was playing football (soccer) and I was considering to become a football player. Sadly, I got injured and I wasn’t able to play anymore. So I was wondering, “what should I do?”. I was watching anime at that time and that made me think “the world of anime is fun”, “Can I do that as well?” and since then I started to aim for that world.

If you hadn’t become a voice actor, which career would you choose?

That of a teacher. I like to teach others things and I used to be a private tutor as a part-time job. I’d had a job where I would teach or I’d create something. Even now as a voice actor, along with a friend of mine, Eguchi Takuya, we tried to hold events and release our own CD, so  I think that if I hadn’t become a teacher I’d become someone who would create things.

What’s your opinion of Kagami Taiga from Kuroko no Basket?

Kuroko as a series had deeply impressed me. They chose me for the role of Kagami during the audition and that gave me that chance to fulfill many of my dreams. I like both singing and radio and with this work, Kuroko no Basket, I released a CD as Kagami Taiga along with Kuroko’s voice actor, Kensho Ono and we also appeared on the radio. Furthermore, I was able to co-star with a voice actor I liked, Taniyama Kishou. Being with him on the same stage was a dream come true. It’s a role that fulfilled many of my dreams. And like Kagami, a character who likes challenges, I as well when I entered this world without previous experience in acting I did my best thinking that it’s a great challenge. It’s a character that I can relate to in this aspect.

Do you have any hobbies?

Hobbies? I like to eat sweets. Every day, if I come across a shop with snacks I haven’t tasted before, I enter, buy many of them and eat them with pleasure. That’s the kind of life I have.

Have you ever visited Greece?

I’ve never visited Greece! It’s a country that I find really interesting. Take for example the Greek myths. Even in Japan there aren’t people who haven’t heard of the Greek myths and plays. I want to visit Greece one day. It’s a country I admire and I believe it will help me broaden my mind if I visit.

Send a message to your fans, please.

Sure. Ah, that’s where the camera is.

It’s my first time sending a message to Greek people and that makes me happy. I want to visit Greece one day, meet all of you who know me there, hold a fun event and chat with you. Please, invite me if you’d like to. If I manage to make you have fun, I believe that it will be a beautiful memory. I’m looking forward to that day.
See you.

ARTIST: Jyuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~ 2
SONG: 血戦


My favourite bgm track from Jyuzaengi 2. One of the new tracks that were added. Also bgm1 from the website and the bgm from the Otomate Party 2013 video. MP3 extracted from the game.

ARTIST: Kurosaki Ranmaru (C.V. Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
SONG: WILD SOUL (sample song)


Sample song of WILD SOUL!!

I think I might like this song than the first one. Help I don’t think I could survive once the full version’s out. (* >ω<)



Kamiaso Chara song series
Cv: Irino Miyu/Ono Daisuke

Will contain 2 songs + off vocal version
Titles to be announce.
1st song by Irino Miyu
2nd song by Ono Daisuke

Release : 2014/06/18

Natsume Yuujinchou ep.11 — Nyanko’s Book of Boredom

(Source: mikagekuuun)


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